Breed Review: Korat (15 Pics)

#7 The image of the Korat in Thailand can be found at every step – so great is the importance of this breed in the eyes of the inhabitants of the country and their belief that the Korat really brings happiness is strong.

By the way, among the exhibits in the National Museum, there is a 19th-century manuscript, which lists the breeds of cats that bring happiness and unhappiness. 

#8 Korat is there on the list of cats that bring happiness and good luck.

Some sources refer to the first mention of the Korat to the XIV century, others to the XVIII, but in any case, it is clear that the breed is ancient.

#9 And thanks to its striking resemblance to the distant wild ancestors from the jungle, which has not been lost over the years, the Korat is one of the purest breeds.

Cats of the modern breed came to the American continent in 1959, and already in 1966, it was registered by the ACA and CFA.

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