Breed Review: Kurilian Bobtail (15 Pics)

#4 By the way, the Kurilian Bobtail has a very reverent relationship with the family.

For the representatives of this breed, there is nothing more important than close people who give them sincere love and care. The animal will protect the family in which it lives, exclusively "like a dog": becoming a formidable stance and warning meows. In this case, the bobtail will especially take care of one person whom it considers to be its master. If you managed to take this honorable pedestal in the heart of a fluffy guard, the pet will follow on his heels, communicating in its own language and taking all possible parts of your life.

#5 Kurilian bobtails are perfect for families with children.

The animal will never intentionally scratch the baby, but, on the contrary, will give him excessive "mustachioed" care. The "smoker" will not show aggression even if the child accidentally tugs at his tail or ear. Instead of hissing and resentment for the whole day, the bobtail will happily involve your child in a game of hiding and seek or demonstrate a recently learned trick that will certainly cause a sincere children's laugh.

#6 Representatives of the breed get along well with other pets.

It doesn't matter whether it's a cat or a dog: the Kurilian Bobtail will find a common language with both a serious Maine Coon and a playful dachshund. However, it is categorically not recommended to keep decorative birds and rodents in the same house with the bobtail. A hunting instinct that wakes up at the wrong time can turn into a tragedy, and your affection for an animal can turn into grief for your lost feathered or fluffy friend.

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