Breed Review: Kurilian Bobtail (15 Pics)

#7 Along with meekness and good nature, this breed is distinguished by a wayward and independent character – as many owners of the Kurilian Bobtail say.

Animals do not like to sit on their hands for a long time, pretending to be a plush toy, and will soon try to leave the heated place. In the absence of due attention from the owner, "smokers" begin to live by their own rules and soon consider themselves the full-fledged owners of the territory, namely your apartments. At the same time, overthrowing the short-tailed usurper will not be easy. Even the slightest glimmer of luck will soon turn into defeat for you: the pet will begin to protest. Spoiled things, torn off blinds or curtains, an inverted sugar bowl - and this is not the only Vendetta of the Kurilian Bobtail.

#8 Do you think that your pet is overly lazy and gets involved in games less and less?

Take a day off at work and go with the animal to the dacha, where it will appear before you in a completely different guise. A dexterous hunter in the blink of an eye will oust the home bummer from the Kurilian bobtail. In the open air, representatives of the breed are especially active: they track down prey for several hours without closing their eyes; fight with neighboring cats for free territory; poke their curious nose into every remote corner of the house, emitting a purr that resembles a bird's trill.

#9 Kurilian Bobtails have a developed intelligence that allows animals to understand the meaning of over a thousand words!

Raising a pet will not be difficult: the main thing is to correctly determine the boundaries of what is permissible. You should not raise your hand to the cat, because there are other ways to tell your pet about your displeasure. A strict tone is enough. This tactic also works if you want to stop the Bobtail from doing something inappropriate. The word "cannot" will certainly prevent unwanted consequences.

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