Breed Review: Kurilian Bobtail (15 Pics)

#10 If the pet nevertheless escaped your scrutiny and is naughty, conduct an educational conversation as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the bobtail will not understand what exactly he managed to do wrong.

Upon reaching a certain age, "smokers" begin to test the owner for strength, making attempts to take a leading position in the house. At this stage of upbringing, you will need to be able to adequately respond to the behavior of the animal and make it clear that you do not plan to yield the leadership to a wayward furry friend.

#11 For the rest, the upbringing of Kurilian Bobtails is not difficult, especially for people with a strong character.

Teaching pets to use the tray and scratching the post as intended is also not difficult.

Representatives of this breed are easy to train. Their inquisitive mind allows them to learn new tricks and adopt the skills of their tailed fellows. Turn the training process into an exciting game - and soon the bobtail will delight you with brilliant command execution!

#12 The Kurilian Bobtail does not need careful care – and this is another plus in favor of the breed

Even long-haired bobtails do not cause unnecessary inconvenience to the owners.

Since the undercoat of cats is moderately developed, the coat is almost never tangled, and the procedure for combing the Kurilian Bobtail does not become a daily hard labor. Once or twice a week is enough. It is recommended to purchase a special brush with metal teeth or a glove with silicone growths to remove dead hairs. Follow the direction of the coat when brushing.

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