Breed Review: Kurilian Bobtail (15 Pics)

#13 Bathing for bobtails is one of the favorite ways to pass the time, but do not abuse it: the skin becomes dry and the outer hair becomes thinner.

Using special mild shampoos and conditioners won't save the day. You should bathe your pet only if it gets dirty. Put warm water in a basin or sink, and then put the cat in there. Apply shampoo to the coat, thoroughly distribute it all over the body of the Kurilian Bobtail and rinse. After bath procedures, the pet must be thoroughly dried. For short-haired cats, a towel cocoon is perfect, but long-haired cats will need a hairdryer.

#14 From their ancestors, Kurilian bobtails inherited the inability to fully retract their claws.

For this reason, they are perfectly ground both when the pet is walking and when it interacts with the scratching post. However, getting a special device for shortening them still does not interfere. Cut off only the ends, otherwise, you will damage the thin vessels.

#15 Do not ignore your pet’s eyes.

They should be rinsed several times a week using a clean, lint-free cloth or cotton wool soaked in a cleaning product (available at your pet store). Rubbing your eyes, move your hand from their outer corner to the inner corner. The ears of the bobtail should be examined with the same frequency, wiping them with a cotton pad soaked in a special lotion. Otherwise, sulfur will accumulate in the auricles, which in the future can lead to the development of infectious diseases.

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