Breed Review: LaPerm (15 Pics)

#4 The breed is not indifferent to “mountaineering”, so its representatives always strive to climb higher.

Anything can be a peak worthy of conquest: from the closet to the master's shoulders. Manifestations of the congenital sociability of LaPerm can be observed every day. Kotofey will try to accompany the owner in all his household chores, not forgetting to remind him of his own presence in moments of relaxation. Before you go to the breeder for a curly kitty, think carefully: whether such a pet will tire out and whether your work schedule will allow you to pay enough attention to the cat. Keep in mind that loneliness is the worst of evils for LaPerm.

#5 For all the gentleness of their nature, the LaPerms do not like to learn anything at all.

Moreover, these curls do not perceive punishment, and they do not draw any conclusions from the master's reprimands. This disadvantage is compensated by the fact that the breed does not have a special predilection for pranks so that the overwhelming majority of LaPerms are sociable goodies, who are not characterized by destructive tricks.

#6 Almost all that an owner can get from a breed representative is the ability to use the tray and the habit of responding to his own nickname.

You don't have to waste time studying other teams with LaPermas - even with titanic efforts, the result will be far from brilliant. For the rest, adhering to the rules of upbringing that are common for all cats: establish a system of prohibitions, be lenient with puddles on the floor during the period of socialization of the kitten, do not encourage scratching of furniture.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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