Breed Review: LaPerm (15 Pics)

#10 Approximately once a year, the hair of the breed is renewed, which is very easy to notice – the shedding LaPerm begins to scratch and tear out the bundles of its own wool with its paws.

In such cases, it is better to help the animal and pull out the dead hairs. Often, after home stripping, the cat will become completely or partially bald, and this is normal. After a month or two, the curls on the pet's body will appear again. Off-season molting is also observed in parturient cats, which should also be taken calmly.

#11 The bodies of lapermov are vulnerable to various blood-sucking parasites, so curly cats bring fleas home many times more often than other breeds.

For this reason, always keep a supply of ectoparasite remedies. Otherwise, no specific procedures are required. Lathers are washed with shampoo for curly breeds and only if necessary. Dry the bathed animal with a hairdryer. From the mandatory actions - rubbing the eyes with a clean cloth dipped in a special lotion or chilled tea, trimming the nails, cleaning the ears with hygienic drops.

#12 They did not develop a special diet for the laperm, since these descendants of farm mice have no digestive problems.

The type of food for the pet is chosen by the owner - it can be either industrial "drying" of a class of at least super-premium, or natural food, the basis of which is animal protein. By the way, they don't complain about their appetite and they never refuse supplements, but it is undesirable to follow their pleading glances if you do not want to then treat the pet for obesity and related ailments.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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