Breed Review: LaPerm (15 Pics)

#13 The standard diet of an adult laperm: lean meat and offal of all types, fish fillets (strictly sea fish), vegetables, low-fat dairy products, herbs, chicken or quail egg yolk, unrefined vegetable oil as a dietary supplement.

It is imperative to periodically introduce cat dietary supplements and vitamin complexes into the menu, but this rule applies mainly to animals that eat natural food. LaPermas that absorb dry food receive all the necessary microelements.

#14 They feed curly purrs with the same frequency as all cats, already in six months transferring adolescent lairmovs to three meals a day.

At 8-12 months, the animal needs to be fed twice a day, unless it is a pregnant or sick cat. In the last two categories of pets, nutrition is usually "strengthened" and additional "snacks" are introduced to give support to the body.

#15 This is one of the healthiest breeds in the world.

LaPermas are not susceptible to genetic diseases in principle. The only thing to protect them from is common feline infections. The breed's addiction to overeating can also cause additional complications, so do not neglect the check weighing. If you notice that the forms of the LaPerm are becoming too corpulent, the curly-haired glutton should be put on a diet.

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