Breed Review: Leonberger (16 Pics)

#7 Leonberger’s relationships with other animals are quite good.

They do not spoil the life of cats and do not chase garbage rats with such zeal, as if their whole life depends on this prey. As for other dogs, shaggy giants are unlikely to provoke someone to a fight. On the other hand, a lot depends on the level of education of the pet. However, even the most obedient and meek "Leon", on occasion, will easily repulse a presumptuous provocateur.

#8 Leonberger needs constant contact with people, although it is difficult to guess from the appearance of the dog.

Sometimes it seems that these fluffy "lumps" only know what to withdraw into themselves and indulge in passive contemplation of what is happening around them. Don't believe this misleading impression: Leonberger is an extremely sociable and sociable guy who will gladly exchange an afternoon rest on a mattress for your company.

#9 In training, Leonberger, if not excellent, then solid good.

They are quick-witted, obedient, willingly included in the work process. The only thing that slows down the training of the animal is its natural slowness (not to be confused with disobedience). Not a single Leonberger will rush to execute a command at full speed without thinking carefully about the expediency of the action. By the way, about the teams: dog owners are of the opinion that the breed does not need them in principle. You can control the behavior of a shaggy companion by changing the tone of the voice (higher or lower), affectionately, but persistently convincing him. Leonbergers are naturally understandable and will quickly guess what they want from them by intonation.

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