Breed Review: Lhasa Apso (18 Pics)

#7 If Lhasa Apso puts the kids on a step lower than himself, then he prefers to be friends with adolescents on an equal footing.

For this reason, it is undesirable to entrust the training of the dog to the younger members of the family - the "Tibetan" will not obey such teachers. Lhasa Apso is also selective in expressing feelings of affection, therefore, it always appoints one person as to its own master. The lack of hypertrophied hunting qualities helps the dog to get along with other small pets, while not forgetting to show that she is the “number one” in the apartment anyway.

#8 Living in the same territory with larger tribesmen for a “Tibetan” is not a tragedy if the owner made at least a minimum of effort to make friends with the dogs.

Of course, from time to time, the pet will include a greedy man, grumbling at anyone who touched his bed, bowl, or toys, but such behaviors are not corrected. Conflicts with the use of claws and teeth are also not excluded, although not all individuals condescend to a brutal showdown. At the same time, dog handlers claim that the grip of the Dalai Lama dogs is not weaker than that of a pit bull, which makes it incredibly difficult to separate the grappling "tails".

#9 Lhasa Apso is a playful dog that understands humor and willingly participates in a variety of practical jokes.

However, animals demonstrate all these qualities of their own free will and never - at the whim of the owner. So if you need a pet with the makings of a clown, the Lhasa Apso is not the breed that will make your dreams come true.

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