Breed Review: Lhasa Apso (18 Pics)

#16 Shaggy “Tibetans” are not hyperactive, but they like to take a walk, so 1-2 times a day the ward should be taken to the promenade.

At home, it is recommended to provide a pet with a tray. Lhasa Apso has a small bladder volume, they are simply not able to endure with a toilet before walking.

#17 The main advantage of Lhasa Apso wool is that it is odorless.

Even if the animal had to skip routine bathing, its hair will not ooze canine "amber". But you will have to work hard to maintain the effective appearance of the dog, but you need to prepare for this nuance before buying a puppy, Lhasa Apso is not a breed for the lazy.

#18 The coat of the dogs is heavy and coarse.

The undercoat is not very abundant, but this does not prevent it from forming mats, so the animal needs to be combed daily. There is a special variety of the breed, whose representatives have a too developed undercoat that cannot be disassembled with a comb. Such individuals are sheared, although, according to the generally accepted rule, radical shortening of the breed's coat is contraindicated.

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