Breed Review: Maine Coon (18 Pics)

Maine Coon is an aboriginal breed of American cats, characterized by large size and impressive bodyweight. Representatives of the breed are reliable friends and companions who can quickly win the love of the whole family.

#1 Maine Coons are plus-size cats, wise, good-natured, with soft fluffy fur and funny “tassels” on the ears.

Born hunters and strategists, they are happy to engage in active games, but at the same time carefully dose physical activity, alternating periods of intense activity with passive rest. These charming giants have developed intellect, but at the same time, they are absolutely not vindictive. They masterfully "read" the emotional mood of a person by his voice and facial expression, so they are always aware of when and from which side to approach the owner for his portion of affection.

#2 The world learned about the existence of Maine Coons from American breeders.

The name of the breed is translated as "Manx raccoon". And if everything is clear with the first term in this phrase ("Maine" - from the name of the American state of Maine), then the second requires clarification. The unusual striped color and fluffy tails of the Maine Coons gave rise to the legend among breeders that the breed was obtained by crossing a representative of the feline family with a raccoon. The bike remained a bike, but the word "Kun" (short for raccoon - raccoon) stuck to the breed.

#3 The most beautiful version of the appearance of gigantic catofees in North America can be considered the legend of the failed escape of Queen Marie Antoinette.

Expecting reprisals from the French revolutionaries, the wife of Louis XIV was going to flee to the American continent and, as a safety net, sent a ship ahead of her with things dear to her heart, including her beloved long-haired cats. The mustache-tailed cargo sailed to the shores of New England safe and sound and, freely interbreeding with the local short-haired cats, gave rise to a new breed, which soon settled throughout the state.

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