Breed Review: Maltese (18 Pics)

#4 Mestizos of the second generation, bred by mating the Maltese dog with its relative Toy Poodle, get more external features of the second parent.

In fact, they are easily confused with poodle puppies, which are often used by unscrupulous sellers who get rid of tiny poodles for the price of designer pets. Offspring from two Maltese dogs (F2 hybrids) look less colorful than F1 individuals, so the demand for them, like the price tag, is several times lower than for the first generation of dogs.

#5 In terms of intelligence, the Maltese dog, of course, are not “Einsteins”, but they cannot be called silly jumpers either – the genes of the clever poodle make themselves felt.

Smart and sociable, these funny "bears" love to be paid attention to, so squeeze the dogs in your arms, scratch their belly, or gently tug their ears - Maltese dog from such an expression of sympathy will be at the height of bliss.

#6 In general, mestizo lapdogs and poodles are non-conflict and easy-going pets who willingly share living space with other pets.

They don't give cats a heart attack or compete with other dogs for alpha status. At the same time, on the street, the Maltese dog gets a little impudent and, depending on the mood, can go in search of trouble. For example, they can easily provoke a shepherd dog to an aggressive attack or bark a decorative dog, shaking from fear and nervous tension.

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