Breed Review: Maltese (18 Pics)

#7 At home, the Maltese dogs are such “curious barbarians” in dog form.

Tracking all the owner's movements around the apartment, annoying attempts to participate in any of the owner's endeavors, whether it be cooking dinner or exercising on a treadmill, turn the Maltese dog into sociable, but very loving pets who cannot and do not want to dose their own feelings. Consequently, so that the dog does not "drown" in its gratitude someone alone, it is better to take it into a family, where the animal will have to distribute the positive charge among all household members. As for emotionality and sociability, in this regard, Maltese dogs do not age. At the venerable age of 10, the dog will greet you at the door with the same enthusiasm as in his youth.

#8 Maltese dog – dogs are not stupid and a little vain, so they easily master simple acrobatic tricks and are happy to show them to people.

On the other hand, you need to find an approach to the breed (not to be confused with outright toadying). The mestizos cannot stand the rudeness and commanding tone of the Maltese and Toy Poodles, it is also impossible to force them to do something against their will, so start working with the puppy from the day he appeared in your house.

#9 Experienced owners say: the brain of a two-month-old Maltese is completely ready to start assimilating elementary educational material.

But animals, whose upbringing and training was postponed to a later date, are no longer so malleable and quick-witted. Early socialization of the Maltese dog also does not hurt. The design pet label should not turn dogs into reclusive, unaware of what is going on outside the walls of the apartment. For the rest, the principle of training fluffy charms is similar to the training method of the same Maltese lapdogs. Captivate the Maltese dog with a new, unusual activity for him, do not drag out the lessons (5 minutes of exercise and then a break), desperately praise the dog for any, even the most insignificant, achievements, or treat him delicious.

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