Breed Review: Maltese (18 Pics)

#13 The washed wool is dried with a towel or hairdryer in a gentle mode.

Naturally, dried Maltese do not look so neat and look more like mongrels than elite pets. As for the haircut, then 2-3 times a year mestizos of lapdogs and poodles are supposed to be taken to the groomer to work on the image of the animal.

#14 Most of the salons offer standard types of haircuts for the Maltese: model (looks more impressive on smooth-haired individuals), for a puppy and for a typewriter.

Dogs with curly hair, in addition to clipping, are "nibbled" by removing dead hair by hand or with a trimming knife. The final stage of salon grooming is wool perfumery. No, the Maltese does not smell like a dog at all, but the breed's design status obliges it to all kinds of "bourgeois excesses". If your ward is not an Instagram star and not a regular at social events, you can limit yourself to a hygienic haircut, during which only the hair under the tail, between the fingers, in the ear funnels, and on the face is removed.

#15 Cleaning Maltese ears is a must.

The excess secretion and dirt accumulated in the funnel should be removed with a special lotion and a clean cloth. Many Maltese inherited sour eyes and excessive lacrimation from lapdogs, so for prevention in the morning, the mucous membrane of the eye should be soaked with a napkin soaked in ophthalmic lotion. True, such measures will not save from lacrimal pathways, especially noticeable in white individuals. So if you're preparing your pet for a photoshoot, get a clarifying powder or conditioner at the pet store.

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