Breed Review: Maltese (18 Pics)

#16 Maltese does not have the healthiest teeth that need systematic cleaning, otherwise the animal will have unpleasant sores.

It is better to choose a smaller silicone nozzle for this procedure so that it can easily enter the miniature mouth of the dog. And of course, we do not forget to accustom the animal to the process from the first months of life, so as not to arrange an execution with desperate screams and whining later.

#17 Maltese needs daily emotional relaxation in the form of a walk, but you won’t have to wander around the squares and parks with these “cubs” for hours

To go to the toilet and come off in full, a Maltese needs 20-30 minutes a day. In winter, it is better to shorten the promenades, and you should only thoroughly "warm" it with a blanket or overalls: since the breed is practically devoid of undercoat, in chilly weather the Maltese manages to freeze in the first minutes after leaving the house. It is quite simple to organize leisure for a dog in the fresh air: you can wander the streets with it or entertain yourself with outdoor games - exercises with rubber balls are especially respected for the Maltese.

#18 Most nurseries engaged in the breeding of designer breeds suggest feeding the Maltese with “drying” super-premium and holistic classes, for some reason they are silent about the fact that a natural menu for animals is also not contraindicated

In particular, dogs are excellent at finely chopping beef and other lean meats, fish fillets, and raw or scalded liver. The only thing is to select the optimal diet in this case by trial and error, since individual food intolerance is a serious thing, and its occurrence is difficult to predict. In addition, you will have to consult with your veterinarian about feeding that could satisfy the pet's need for vitamins and minerals.

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