Breed Review: Maltese (19 Pics)

#10 It is very important to develop the correct reaction in the puppy to the command “Come to me!”

This is due to the fact that during walks without a leash, Maltese lapdogs turn on the "exploratory mode". The animal is constantly distracted by external factors: it disappears in the bushes in search of a source of an unusual smell, looks into abandoned buildings, and so on. In such situations, the command "Come to me!", Pronounced in a strict, unopposed tone, is the only way to bring your pet back to reality.

#11 It is pointless to get involved in serious training for the Maltese.

This is a decorative breed, intended more for interior decoration and home comfort than for routine service. The only thing worth working on is the dance and acrobatic numbers, which are really fun for the Maltese lapdogs. But keep in mind that it can take weeks, or even months, to learn one simple dance, so be patient and a bag of goodies in advance to stimulate the four-legged artist.

#12 Due to their miniature build, Maltese lapdogs feel free and comfortable even in small apartments.

Equip your dog with a secluded corner with a couch away from drafts and sunlight, and he will be immensely happy. Maltese puppies have fragile skeletons, so you need to handle them as carefully as possible. In addition, restless pussies love to poke their nose into the most unexpected places in the apartment, which is why they are easy to step on. The best way to protect your baby from accidental injuries in the first months of life is to enclose his habitat with a small aviary, where you can place a toilet.

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