Breed Review: Maltese (19 Pics)

#13 Maltese are not picky about walks and are willingly content with short outings.

While the puppy is small, often take him to places where other dogs (not stray) are walking. So the socialization process will be faster. Usually, after a few walks, the baby ceases to see a threat in four-legged strangers and relaxes. By the way, finding both a puppy and an adult dog in the fresh air should be dosed: maltese are not created for long hiking trips and quickly get tired.

#14 The average duration of a walk for an adult Maltese lapdog is 15-20 minutes.

In frosts and the off-season, pets are walked in clothes. So, when preparing for winter excursions, do not be lazy to go shopping, selling shoes and clothes for dogs.

#15 Maltese is a breed for perfectionists.

And although among breeders lapdogs are reputed to be neat and clean pets, their glamorous appearance is 99% the result of the owner's work. Accordingly, if you are not ready to bother with daily brushing and regularly visit the groomer, it is better to refuse to buy a Maltese lapdog.

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