Breed Review: Maltese (19 Pics)

#16 It is allowed to wash animals once a week using shampoo and conditioner.

After the "bath", the wool is dried with a towel and a hairdryer, after which it is wrapped on papillotes made of tissue paper. Such manipulations help protect the hair from dirt and tangles, and also improve its structure. To prevent an overly excited animal from ripping off the papillotes, you can put special socks on its hind legs.

#17 To make the coat silky, breeders recommend using leave-in oils from the veterinary pharmacy, which must be applied immediately after washing.

Another effective way to avoid tangles is a silk jumpsuit. The smooth fabric of the suit protects the Maltese's hair from wrinkling and tangling, thereby simplifying the pet grooming process.

#18 The lapdogs are combed every day.

First, the hair is taken apart by hand, paying special attention to the belly and armpits - the areas where the wool often gets tangled. Then the "fur coat" of the animal is sprinkled with talcum powder and passed over it with a metal comb with frequent teeth. It is better to collect the long "bangs" on the pet's head in a ponytail and secure them with an elastic band.

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