Breed Review: Maltese (19 Pics)

#19 If participation in exhibitions does not shine for your Maltese, you can get a haircut, which will save you a lot of time.

In addition, it is necessary to regularly trim the hair between the toes, as well as around the anus and genitals of the dog.

Maltese lapdogs have very sensitive eyes, which, moreover, often watery, leaving ugly dark grooves on their muzzle. To prevent this process from evolving, excess natural mucus in the corners of the eyes is removed with a cotton swab. Some breeders recommend wiping the eyelids of lapdogs with tea or chamomile tea, but this method has opponents who claim that such homemade lotions are of very little use. In addition, due to too frequent use of herbal decoctions, the hair around the dog's eyes begins to fall out, which can be a reason for the disqualification of the animal at the show.

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