Breed Review: Manx Cat (15 Pics)

#4 Manx’s personality is similar to that of a dog.

Many owners train their pets in commands and claim that they can easily do Aport. These cats are peaceful and loyal, they follow their master everywhere and go through a long separation hard. Therefore, a lonely person who spends most of his time outside the home, the Manx is hardly suitable.

#5 Representatives of this breed are excellent hunters.

The owner of such a pet should be prepared for the fact that in the conditions of life outside the city, the cat will certainly bring home its prey. True, this is why Manks's communication with domestic mice, rats, and other rodents should be limited. The hunting instinct can affect their "friendship" and neighborhood. But with dogs, the Manx easily find a common language, if they are in a peaceful mood.

#6 The Manx cat will be a great friend to the child.

By virtue of her intellect, she is able to understand that in front of her is a small master. Most likely, in the event of a quarrel, she will prefer to leave quickly.

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