Breed Review: Manx Cat (15 Pics)

#10 Despite the fact that the build of cats is somewhat heavy, they are very energetic, mobile, love games, in addition, they are excellent hunters and even fishermen.

The grooming of Mainx cats depends on the type of coat. For short-haired individuals, it is recommended to wipe with a damp towel once a week and brush with a massage brush.

Long-haired kinks will have to be combed out a little more often: a couple of times a week, and during the molting period - every two to three days.

#11 The Manks are able to live both in a city apartment and outside the city.

The main thing is to provide the cat with personal space and give her the opportunity to throw out energy. The Manks love to jump, so they will be happy with tall houses and intricate structures.

#12 A Manx cat without a tail, originally from the island of the same name, two hundred years ago, its image flaunted on its emblem.

The islanders were sure that tailless animals bring good luck, so they surrounded them with love and attention.

Tradition says that the progenitor of modern Manx was left without a tail during the Great Flood: she ran onto the ark at the last minute, and her tail was pinched because the door was already closing.

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