Breed Review: Manx Cat (15 Pics)

#13 The breed, which is native to the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, is a natural breed.

The isolation on the island and for this reason, the lack of new blood flow became the cause of the genetic disorder. The species, based on a dominant mutation that manifested itself several centuries ago, shares common roots with the British Shorthair.

#14 Since the end of the XIX century Manx cats began to exhibit.

The first exhibition, in which they participated, was held in 1871. In 1901, a Manx cat lovers club was established in England. And two years later, the first, albeit unofficial, standard of this breed was published.

#15 In the 30s. XX century fluffy tailless beauties expanded their geography and appeared in the United States and the Scandinavian countries.

The breed was registered only after its appearance in America. In Europe, Manx was not recognized due to the fact that the tailless gene is fraught with the health of the cat. But now this breed is recognized by a large number of teleological organizations, and the CFA has united them into one with the Cimrick, believing that they differ only in the length of the coat.

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