Breed Review: Miniature Dachshund (17 Pics)

#4 Petite, rabbit and standard dachshunds have one standard of appearance for three.

This is explained by the fact that the breeds differ only in size and habits. As an example: the optimal growth limits for the dwarf dachshund are 30-35 cm, which is at least 5 cm less than the standard one, but more than the rabbit variety. Otherwise, the representatives of the dwarf branch are as well-fed as their relatives. Important proportional balance: the ratio of the height of the mini-dachshund at the withers to the length of the body should be at least 1: 1.7 (1.8).

#5 If the pet urgently needs a release, and there is no suitable threat nearby, the brave short-legged one will invent an enemy for himself, which he will immediately bark at him.

On walks, dwarf dachshunds remember their historical destination and willingly poke their noses into every hole. Terrorizing the frogs, rodents, and chicks that come across in the way is also a matter of honor for the breed, so do not regard such attacks as obstinacy and bad manners of the animal. Dwarf dachshunds cannot do otherwise.

#6 In their youth, many representatives of the breed sin with destructive behavior.

Basically, bursts of negative activity are characteristic of individuals who walk a little and unproductively, often forced to remain alone, so if your dachshund has started "repairs" in the apartment and removes wallpaper from the walls, there is reason to think. It is quite possible that the pet is not to blame for this crap, but his reclusive lifestyle and your own laziness. As it grows up, the pet's internal battery starts working in a power-saving mode. Take such changes calmly: the dog will still not turn into a couch bump, it will just turn on the "alarm" a little less often.

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