Breed Review: Miniature Dachshund (17 Pics)

#7 Speaking of sofas: dwarf dachshunds are not averse to lying on them, but the breed likes games and active pastime more.

Cunning "sausages" also establish contact with children once or twice, but with one caveat: the younger generation should not demonstrate their own superiority over the pet. In their hearts, most dwarf dachshunds consider themselves equal to the owner, leaving for the rest of the family a lower rung of the hierarchical ladder. Don't forget that all members of the breed are great artists when it comes to benefits for them. Dachshunds that have received scolding from the owner like to give their faces a mournful expression and press on pity. Begging for an extraordinary walk or a tasty treat, the dog also demonstrates miracles of cunning and ingenuity, which inexperienced owners often "buy" for.

#8 In training dachshunds, dog handlers advise to remove the “stick” away and be guided by the “carrot method”.

This does not mean that the dog should not be punished, just any negativity significantly slows down the educational process. But praise and tasty rewards for the breed, on the contrary, inspire heroic deeds. The main thing is not to rush to teach your pet everything at once. In the first months of life, it is generally not recommended to train a dachshund. It is better to focus on the educational moments and the formation of the animal's habit of observing the daily routine.

#9 Once in a new house, a dwarf dachshund puppy must begin to live by new rules.

Slowly, but persistently, wean your baby from the habit of whining at night and asking for your room. Call your pet by name often so that he remembers it. From the very first days, determine a place for the puppy in the apartment and feed the little mischief strictly by the hour, which is also excellent discipline.

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