Breed Review: Miniature Dachshund (17 Pics)

#13 It is not customary to hunt with a dwarf dachshund, because the breed is too small to work on a burrowing animal, especially if we are not talking about cowardly young animals, but about foxes and badgers with experience.

Of course, once in the hole, the dachshund will do its best to drive the prey, but the animal is unlikely to be impressed by the size of its pursuer. Nevertheless, individual owners practice forays into the woods and fields with the breed, but more for recreational purposes than practical ones. At hunting competitions, dwarf dachshunds periodically appear with I degree diplomas in foxes and badgers, but it is important to understand that, in general, these are individuals working at baiting stations, and not in natural conditions.

#14 However, first you need to go through the preparatory stages with your pet, that is, socialization, education and training in the commands “Sit!”, “Lie!”, “Next!”, “Place!”, “Walk!”

Keep in mind that baiting is not learning how to hunt, but just an attempt to wake up the hunter and pursuer in the dog. You can take your pet to such classes no earlier than 6 months old. If the dachshund at the baiting station does not react to the artificial hole, this means that the working instinct has not woken up in it, and the animal just needs to be taken home to wait a month or two. Usually, fox cubs are used for the first baits since an adult animal can toughly deal with a miniature and inexperienced dachshund. Working with adults is only possible when the dog is accustomed to the burrow.

#15 The place of the dwarf dachshund is in a house or apartment, but by no means on the street.

By nature, the breed is very playful, so its representatives will have to buy toys often. A small life hack for owners: do not give away all the toys at once, but change them periodically - the novelty effect works not only in the case of people but also with animals. In winter, the breed freezes, so the duration of walks in frosty weather is reduced, and blown overalls or a knitted blanket are put on the animal before going outside.

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