Breed Review: Miniature Pinscher (17 Pics)

A tiny dog is an excellent watchman who, with one bark, will scare away ill-wishers. Despite its diminutive size, the pinscher has a big heart that will show courage at the right time. Such dogs are very attached to their owner and are ready to give their lives for him.

#1 The Miniature Pinscher dog breed is very popular all over the world, especially in Europe, the USA and the CIS countries.

These dogs come from Germany, in fact, this explains their popularity in Europe, including the East, and in the USA - after the First World War, a huge number of people moved to America in search of a better life.

#2 Many of them took their dogs with them.

including "min ping" (short for "min-pin" - this is another name for a miniature pinscher). Moreover, from 1905 until the beginning of the First World War, these dogs were rapidly gaining popularity in Germany.

#3 Despite the fact that it is traditionally believed that this is a very ancient breed, dating back at least 600-700 years

However, written records reliably confirm the existence of these dogs only during the last 200 years of human history. By the way, you can often hear the opinion that the dwarf pinscher was specially bred as a kind of Doberman, only of a more decorative nature, but this is not at all the case. The Miniature Pinscher is a separate breed, and even more ancient belongs to the Pinscher-Schnauzer family.

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