Breed Review: Miniature Pinscher (17 Pics)

#4 Purposeful breeding of this breed in a relatively close time to us

Began in 1895 when German breeders founded the Pinscher Club (a few years later it was renamed the Schnauzer Pinscher Club). The popularity of these dogs grew until the First World War, and in 1920 the first representatives of the breed were brought to the United States.

#5 The Miniature Pinscher was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1929 in the Terrier group

this coincided with the founding of the Miniature Pinscher Club of America. Literally, a year later, they were classified as decorative dogs, although the name miniature pinscher did not appear until many years later - in 1972.

#6 They are small dogs of muscular build, with medium length paws.

The head is small, the muzzle is slightly elongated, the ears are triangular, erect, sometimes cropped. If the ears are left intact, they fold forward. The tail is also not always docked.

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