Breed Review: Miniature Pinscher (17 Pics)

#7 The Miniature Pinscher is an endless source of energy and burlesque

They are unusually lively, have great curiosity and sometimes these dogs are simply impossible to stop. Education and early socialization are prerequisites. Otherwise, if the dog has not undergone the correct adjustment of behavior and character in general before the onset of adulthood, it will be a constant source of problems for the owner and others.

#8 The Miniature Pinscher can walk all day long, play for hours, both with people and with other dogs.

However, do not think that this breed is very friendly - it is not. On the contrary, they are wary of strangers, they can bark at them and even try to attack, the same can be said about other dogs, even if they are significantly larger than your pet. They need to be introduced to cats as early as possible, otherwise, they will be in trouble.

#9 But, if a miniature pinscher has made friends with someone, he will happily spend time with him.

During walks, you need an eye and an eye for them - these dogs seem to constantly want to go down in history. They are great as alarm dogs - if you live in a private home, this is a good option. However, if he finds a hole in the fence, do not hesitate - he will definitely run to explore new smells and a new world outside the gate.

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