Breed Review: Moscow Watchdog (18 Pics)

#4 Interesting fact

the colorful appearance of the Moscow watchdogs is the merit of Orslan, a dog born in the 60s and considered the ancestor of the breed. The first "Muscovites" who took part in exhibitions in the 50s did not look so impressive.

#5 A formidable giant with the face of a St. Bernard and the shaggy hair of a “Caucasian” – this is approximately the impression that the Moscow watchdog makes at first acquaintance.

By the way, despite the deceptive similarity between the Moscow watchdog and the "Alpine rescuers", there are also quite significant differences between them. In particular, the wards of the "Red Star", although they are considered giants among their own kind, are somewhat inferior in size to the "Swiss". The minimum allowable weight for an adult male Moscow watchdog is 55 kg, for a St. Bernard - 70 kg. The skull of the MC is significantly narrower than that of its Alpine relative, and the transition from the forehead to the muzzle is relatively smooth. In addition, the "Muscovites" are distinguished by a stronger constitution and an elongated body, complemented by the lightness and dexterity of movements that are striking for such giants.

#6 The calculation of the specialists of “Krasnaya Zvezda” that their pets will inherit the aggression and impulsiveness of the Caucasian wolfhounds was justified only partially.

Yes, the Moscow sentries are brave and courageous, but by no means evil and certainly not reckless. The dog will come into conflict with anyone only when the enemy clearly demonstrates his own intentions. Yet the nature of the Moscow watchdog is largely determined by genes. In particular, individuals in which the blood of "Caucasians" predominates show great suspicion and ferocity. They are easy-going and much more suitable for the role of fearless bodyguards. Dogs that have inherited the temperament of St. Bernard are noticeably more phlegmatic, therefore such Moscow watchdogs are often recommended for the role of family pets and guardians of the owner's wealth.

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