Breed Review: Moscow Watchdog (18 Pics)

#7 The Moscow watchdogs are not chatty and only give voice when necessary.

If your shaggy giant grunted, then he really got out. In the family, the dog behaves quite peacefully: the innate ability of "Muscovites" to become attached to people with whom they have to share a common territory affects. With children, the Moscow watchdog also does not have friction, however, provided that it is not by chance that these are neighbors' kids who have run in. A properly raised animal will look at such guests with at least indifference, and even with frank discontent.

#8 On the Internet, you can find a lot of video evidence that the Moscow watchdogs turn out to be hyper-responsible nannies.

But in reality, not everything is so simple. Of course, the "Muscovite" will gladly ride your heirs on a sled, play catch-up with them, and even try to forgive them for petty pranks, but you shouldn't leave for a long time and leave unintelligent kids for such a giant. As an example: an accidental flick of the tail of this shaggy security guard can knock a three-year-old mischievous person off his feet.

#9 Moscow watchdogs treat each family member equally.

They do not divide households into favorites and episodic characters and try to listen to each of them. But this does not mean that the MC is not able to guess who is in charge in the house. Quite the opposite - a pet living in a family is always aware of who has the right to have the last word.

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