Breed Review: Moscow Watchdog (18 Pics)

#10 A guard dog is a test of the owner’s coaching and leadership qualities.

Even the most balanced and obedient "Muscovites" are not averse to playing alpha males and wiping their paws on the master's authority. So from the very first days of the young shaggy's stay in your home, approve a system of permissions and strict prohibitions and do not deviate from the set course until the pet matures.

#11 Usually, Moscow watchdogs begin to show character at the age of 6 months.

In particular, adolescents may deliberately not respond to food calls or grumble and snap back at command. In such cases, the method that mothers of puppies themselves often use will be effective. The recalcitrant violator of discipline knocks off his feet, rolls over onto his side, and is forcibly held in a supine position until he thinks over his own behavior and calms down.

#12 In no case do not show the grown puppy that you are intimidated by his massive jaws.

Moscow guard dogs are quick-witted and will quickly understand that they have "outgrown" your authority. Teasing and provoking a dog by trying to train it as a watchdog is also not the best technique. If you regularly try to take away a toy or food from the MC, get ready for such anti-bonuses as anger and nervousness.

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