Breed Review: Moscow Watchdog (18 Pics)

#13 There are subtleties in the use of commands.

So, for example, the call "Come to me!" not used when the trainer is about to punish the pet. Not a single dog will voluntarily come up for the "distribution of gingerbread", let alone the Moscow watchdog, even more so. Ban "Fu!" pronounced in a categorical, threatening tone so that the "Muscovite" does not have a desire to test the owner's patience. Owners bringing up the future participant of exhibitions will need the Show Teeth! Commands. and "Near!"

#14 The impressive build of the Moscow watchdogs makes them not the most convenient pets for apartment owners, although some dog lovers make such sacrifices.

The optimal housing for shaggy giants will be a spacious cottage or a specially equipped aviary in the courtyard of a private house. Having warm two-layer "fur coats" MCs are well adapted to Russian winters and are quite capable of surviving them in a wooden insulated booth. Usually the dog's "hut" is positioned in such a way that the animal has a good view of the territory. If it is planned to keep in an aviary, then the latter should be equipped with a roof, under which the dog will hide from the heat and bad weather.

#15 Separately, it should be said about the breeding bitches.

Aviaries for expectant mothers need to be built with a margin since the Moscow watchdog is a prolific breed. In addition, it will be necessary to equip a puppy shed, which will be both a "maternity hospital" and a "kindergarten" for future offspring. If the pet lives in a cottage or apartment, find a secluded, bright corner for its bed, protected from drafts and direct sunlight.

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