Breed Review: Moscow Watchdog (18 Pics)

#16 Having settled the Moscow watchdog in a house or apartment, stock up on combs, combs and furminator, because the dog will shed twice a year.

You do not need to have super-intuition to guess that there will be a lot of wool from this breed (dimensions oblige), therefore, from the first months of life, teach puppies to daily combing. A properly raised kid should not shy away at the sight of a brush and a slicker or grumble with displeasure at the owner.

#17 In the period between molting, the “Muscovites” are also combed daily, as their fur often falls off.

In case of an acute shortage of time, it is not forbidden to skip the procedure, unless, of course, the dog's "fur coat" is in a state of neglect, and twigs, leaves, and other debris have not become entangled in it after a walk. Do not get carried away with too frequent bathing of your pet if he lives in the yard. Enough 3-4 bath days a year. Apartment residents are washed more often, which is due, rather, to the desire of the owner to keep the house clean, than to necessity.

#18 Once a week, the Moscow watchdog’s ears are examined and cleaned with a damp cloth or napkin

If traces of nitrous oxide are found in the dog's eyes, they can be removed with a soft cloth soaked in chilled tea infusion. It is better to trim the claws of the Moscow sentry as needed (usually once a month), but this is an option for animals with a low level of physical activity. In MS, who walk well and a lot, the claw plate is ground off naturally.

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