Breed Review: Nebelung (16 Pics)

#4 In 1985, history repeated itself.

This time a baby with a longer and lighter coat than her “predecessor” was born in the litter. The cat was christened Brünnhilde, again borrowing the name from a German-Scandinavian source. Since Miss Cobb was fascinated by the beauty and character of the already matured Siegfried, she decided to check whether it is possible to preserve this genotype not only within the litter but also something more - for example, a new breed. For this, the woman crossed two long-haired pets. This adventure bore promising results in 1986: Brunhilde gave birth to three kittens, who fully inherited an unusual appearance from their parents.

#5 Encouraged by the result of the crossing, Cora Cobb turned to the International Cat Association (TICA), wishing, with the help of geneticists, to establish the possibility of creating a breed.

Specialist Solveig Pfluger came to the conclusion that Siegfried and Brunhilde are long-haired representatives of Russian blue cats. Together with Miss Cobb, the geneticist took up the development of the breed standard. Its final version caused a wave of indignation among TICA members and breeders of Russian four-legged beauties. The reason was that there was only one difference between the standards of the blue cat and, possibly, the new breed: the length of the coat. To avoid conflict, Dr. Pfluger revised the requirements for the exterior of the offspring of Siegfried and Brünnhilde. This led to the official recognition of cats by the TICA in 1987.

#6 Representatives of the breed were named Nebelungs.

According to one version, this word was borrowed from the name of the medieval German saga Nibelungenlied (from the same place the names of Cora Cobb's pets are born). Another theory says that the name of cats comes from the German word Nebel - fog. Indeed: the similarity with this atmospheric phenomenon can be traced in the bluish-silver color of the animals.

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