Breed Review: Nebelung (16 Pics)

#7 The owners of “fog cats” refer to them as pets with an unusual character

These animals manage to combine opposite traits. The Nibelungen are playful but meek at the same time; they can tire with an active pursuit of the sun glare, but they will calm down at the first request of the owner. Cats do not impose their company on family members, but at the same time, they love their company. Fluffy pets are independent, but they will never give up their affectionate hugs.

#8 Representatives of the breed tend to become attached to only one person, whom they consider to be their master.

With him, the Nebelung spends most of the time: it follows on the heels or, on the contrary, curls up in a fluffy ball on its knees or next to it on the sofa. Often, the cat communicates with the owner, emitting a quiet purring meow. The Nebelung's voice can grow louder if he insists on delicious food and a clean litter box. Animals are very picky about these points. Cats do not like a mess and a sharp change in the environment. As conservatives, the Nebelungs take a relatively long time to get used to the new conditions.

#9 Loneliness is hard for animals

If the owner is regularly absent from home, the pet will express dissatisfaction with the cat's methods: he will refuse to eat, ignore a fun game, or even put an unpleasant "surprise" in his slippers. This behavior is not yet a reason to scold the Nebelung, who wants to get your attention. A busy work schedule is a reason to have another pet who will keep the cat company in your absence.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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