Breed Review: Nebelung (16 Pics)

#13 These cats prefer to be careful with strangers, studying strangers from a safe distance or even hiding from them in a secluded place.

The Nebelungs do not like loud companies, so few will be able to win the heart of the "foggy cat". However, in this case, one can only count on a benevolent attitude: animals are not inclined to become attached to unfamiliar people.

#14 The Nebelung is an active breed, although its representatives seem calm.

Cats prefer to pour out their energy in acrobatic stunts and pirouettes. Animals easily climb the mezzanine and from there inspect their possessions. If desired, the Nebelungs can even open the door by reaching with their paws to the handle. Cats will not refuse outdoor games with the owner. This is especially true of young individuals ready for any fun adventure.

#15 The breed is distinguished by a high level of intelligence, which makes it possible to train the Nebelungs.

From the first day, the pet appears in the house, it is necessary to train it to the litter box. Cats relieve themselves after waking up, eating, and playing actively. At first, it is worth forcibly putting the baby in the tray. Nebelungs owners recommend “encouraging” the animal's instinct to bury its feces. To do this, carefully take the kitten's foot and make a bunch of filler with it. So the baby will understand what the owner is waiting for, and in the future will use the tray as a toilet.

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