Breed Review: Norwegian Forest Cat (16 Pics)

#7 Since the Norwegian Forest Cats have long been left exclusively to the care of nature, they have a rather strong craving for the “wild” life.

Of course, Norwegians can be kept in a city apartment, but they will feel most comfortable in a private house, where they have the opportunity to go out for walks every day and hone their hunting skills. In this case, do not be alarmed if your pet disappears from sight for several hours or even a whole day - periods of independence and "vagrancy" are completely normal for representatives of this breed. But at other times, you may well receive a severe reprimand for a long absence, because Norwegian forest cats do not like being alone when the soul requires society. An especially acute reaction is caused by the absence of the "main person" - that member of the family whom everyone's favorite singles out with his deep affection and with whom he spends his evening rest more willingly than with the rest.

#8 In general, Norwegian Forest cats are very friendly and perfect for living in a large family with small children and other animals.

In response to obsessive attention from babies or dogs, you will not see aggression, Norwegians prefer to retreat and wait out an unpleasant situation in a secluded place.

If you dream of teaching your cat funny tricks and elementary commands, choose anyone but Norwegian cats. Perfectly understanding what they want to achieve from them with words and treats, these wayward northerners simply ignore the trainer. They make decisions on their own and refuse to obey other people's whims.

#9 High intelligence goes hand in hand with curiosity and excellent memory.

Skogkatts like to follow the movements and habits of the household, they know exactly what order of things is typical in their home, and immediately draw the owner's attention to any deviations from the norm, be it dripping water from somewhere or a bag of groceries left for a long time in the middle of the room. The voice of the Norwegian forest cats, in comparison with other relatives, is not loud, and they do not use the "sound notification" too often, so they will not bother their neighbors with their concerts in vain.

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