Breed Review: Ocicat (19 Pics)

The Ocicat is a rare spotted-ticked breed bred in the United States by crossing Siamese, Abyssinian, and American Shorthair cats.

#1 Ocicat is an outgoing slicker with the plastics of a wild panther and a moderately gentle temperament, for the possibility of possessing which you will have to pay a tidy sum.

Usually, the breed is recommended for people who have had time to get fed up with feline independence and want to see a sympathetic, playful friend next to them. Unlike most other cats, the Ocicat will not tire of reminding the owner of his own presence in the apartment and bringing clockwork mice. In addition, he has an innate "mania for escorting" the owner, whether it is a car trip or an every-night march to the refrigerator.

#2 Despite the strong external resemblance to the ocelot, the relatives of wild cats do not have ocicats.

The breed was born in the US state of Michigan in 1964, and completely unplanned. It all started with the fact that the felinologist Virginia Dale wanted to breed a Siamese cat with tabby fur. To implement her plan, the breeder crossed a Siamese with an Abyssinian, and then turned the reverse operation and tied the mestizo born from this pair with another Siamese cat. However, something in the genetic code of the embryos went wrong, and, along with the tabby babies, the breeder's furry ward brought in an unusual cream kitten, strewn with contrasting specks.

#3 The newborn kotofey was named Tonga, castrated in due time and put up for sale for a symbolic ten dollars.

Dale herself temporarily said goodbye to the dream of tabby Siamese, fully concentrating on breeding a new breed of spotted cats. A few months later, Tonga's parents gave birth to another baby with an ocelot color - Dalai Dotson, to whom the felinologist was more attentive. As a result, the cat was registered with the CFA and managed to participate in the breeding experiments of the breeder.

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