Breed Review: Ocicat (19 Pics)

#10 The Ocicat is a breed for those who need an affectionate and friendly pet with the appearance of a wild native of the savannah.

Despite their somewhat brutal appearance, Michigan cats are quite good-natured, and in their desire for communication, they even resemble dogs. If a noisy party is thundering in the master's house, you can be sure that the cat will have time to get to know each of its participants, and to some comrades, it will also gain confidence.

#11 Usually, the process of making contacts with strangers among the Ocicat goes in this mode: hide and seek behind the sofa (for a very short time), carefully sniff and lick human palms, and, finally, a sudden jump on the hands.

By the way, the latter may not happen - cats subtly feel someone else's mood and will never cuddle with emotionally unstable people, as well as those who have a cool attitude towards animals. So if the knees of one of your friends and companions of kotofey defiantly bypass the side, it is worth considering. Branded unexpected "kus" from an overabundance of emotions can also take place, and it should be taken condescendingly - in this regard, the Ocicats do not differ from their outbred relatives.

#12 As already noted, the Michigan cat’s habits resemble a dog, and very nimble, which cares about everything.

Each purr satisfies his own curiosity in a different way, but usually, no cat will pass by an unlocked kitchen cabinet or a half-open dresser door. Moreover, it makes no difference to the Ocicat whether the owner hides in these storage facilities the dream of all the mustachioed striped valerian or simply stockpiles waste paper. Throwing open the door and making any secret public is the order of the day for the breed.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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