Breed Review: Ocicat (19 Pics)

#13 If the Ocicat wanted something, he will get it, and if the person does not give what he wants, the cat will take it himself.

This behavior refers not only to treats hidden in the far corner but also to absolutely inedible items. By the way, the Ocicat is a breed in which it is better not to delay lunches and dinners. A hungry pet will not languish in anticipation, but he himself will find and open the bags with "drying", not forgetting to inspect the pots on the stove.

#14 True Ocicats are travelers at heart.

Unlike most representatives of the feline family, they are not fanatical about a particular house, so they can easily tolerate moving. True, it is better to transport a purring tourist in your own car, and in general, the breed quietly hates any space constraints.

#15 It is customary to write about the ability of the Ocicats to learn only that they are smart and quick-witted pets, who are easily given the transfer of objects and simple acrobatic tricks.

At the same time, it is extremely rare to find information that, like many cats, the descendants of the Siamese and Abyssinians are not eager to obey a person and train simply because the owner requires it.

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