Breed Review: Ocicat (19 Pics)

#16 If you decide to come to grips with training the Ocicat, accept the need for compromises, which you will have to make often.

Some breeders generally recommend relying on the breed's tendencies, since by encouraging a cat to do what he knows he likes, you dramatically increase your chances of success. For example, Ocicats love to jump, which means that teaching your pet to take small barriers and fly into the hoop ring will be easy.

#17 The Ocicat has a good memory and excellent self-learning abilities inherited from the Abyssinians, so the cat learns the list of basic commands quickly.

For a pet to learn to fulfill the requirements "To me!", "Sit!", "Stand!", The classic training program is enough. Special literature will also help to broaden horizons and learn new methods of effective influence on an animal, for example, the book "Train a Cat in 10 Minutes" by Miriam Fields-Bambino or "How to Raise Your Cat" by Ellis Bradshaw.

#18 Raising a small kitten is easier when a trained adult cat already lives in the house.

Obeying the animal hierarchy, the baby mirrors the behavior of an adult companion and makes fewer mistakes. If the Ocicat is the only pet in the apartment, the owner will have to take on the role of the mentor. As for training your pet to the toilet, there are no difficulties here. Michigan catofees are naturally clean. If there is no familiar tray nearby (for example, on the road), they prefer to be patient or persistently remind of their needs. Ocicat kittens brought to a new home also quickly get used to the bath with filler and willingly scratch in it, hiding traces of "wet cases".

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