Breed Review: Old English Sheepdog (15 Pics)

#4 Bobtails are smart, calm and very affectionate.

In no case should you shout at this dog, and it should be scolded with caution. The owners never tire of being surprised: the pets seem to understand their speech. True, despite this, the bobtail cannot be trained, but you can practice with it. He does not accept rude treatment and an orderly tone, but he will calmly listen and fulfill any request.

#5 Old English Shepherds love attention.

Without communication and conversation, they become withdrawn, unsociable, they may begin to yearn. These dogs, even in old age, behave like playful and energetic puppies.

#6 Representatives of the breed are distinguished by heroic patience and love for children.

These dogs can be left with babies - the bobtail will be an excellent nanny. He gets along with animals quite well, the main thing is to introduce pets gradually.

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