Breed Review: Old English Sheepdog (15 Pics)

#7 The bobtail has a long, thick and fluffy coat.

Caring for her must be appropriate. The dog should be brushed with a massage brush every week, and once a month the coat should be brushed well to avoid tangling.

Often, animals have to be trimmed, since the hairs do not fall out during molting. Bobtails are bathed infrequently, as needed.

It is important not to forget to monitor the health of your pet's teeth.

#8 The character of the bobtail is docile, easygoing, gentle and romantic.

Therefore, this is the best family dog to have, especially if the family has children. They will always be under the vigilant care and protection of a strong and courageous "nanny".

#9 Despite its impressive size, the bobtail remains a “puppy” for a long time, which enjoys running, playing and fooling around.

But this is far from a clown, although among the dogs of this breed there are many artists who successfully act or perform in the circus arena. Dogs are very responsible for their role and, if they are guarding a pet or owner, they do it selflessly and with full dedication.

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