Breed Review: Old English Sheepdog (15 Pics)

#10 The owners of these cute dogs say that a dog born and raised in a city, seeing sheep in nature, literally “kisses” them and immediately begins to graze them.

She does the same with family members. Bobtail does not like it if they walk too far from each other on a walk.

This huge sly man will be obedient if he sees in his master the strong character and qualities of a leader. The dog is sensitive to attitude and does not tolerate aggressiveness, cruelty, absurdity. It is worth punishing the dog unfairly, and he will cease to obey and obey.

#11 On a walk, the dog is cheerful, playful, sociable and curious.

At home, a well-bred dog is quiet, not annoying, charming, calm. Lack of aggression, subtle feeling, and capturing the mood of a person makes the bobtail indispensable in Canis therapy.

#12 With children with disabilities, he is patient, allows the child to feel their own importance, raise self-esteem, instill confidence.

They walk, holding on to a big friend, ride him. crawl, sometimes causing painful sensations and discomfort, but the bobtail will never "express" dissatisfaction. With autistic children, he is persistent, sometimes obsessive, helping them get out of their little world, learn to make friends, and interact with the environment.

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