Breed Review: Old English Sheepdog (15 Pics)

#13 Without exception, all bobtail owners note the dog’s intelligence and ingenuity, its independence, independence.

Like many large shepherd dogs, the dog should start "education" early. In the absence of correct and timely education, a stubborn, cunning, uncontrollable, and rude dog can grow from a cute plush ball.

#14 Intelligent and tolerant bobtails lend themselves well to training.

The main thing is to find the right tactics, to exclude "pressure". The dog perceives verbal commands well, navigates in intonation, quickly remembers and executes them.

#15 They are able to memorize commands, not only based on certain habits, addictions or character traits, but also unconventional.

Therefore, shows with the participation of bobtails are a success, they are willingly filmed in films.

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