Breed Review: Oriental Shorthair (18 Pics)

#10 Most Oriental Shorthairs have a strong personality.

So, for example, some individuals are not very disposed to children, while others, on the contrary, relate to the younger generation with great condescension. Oriental Shorthairs get along well with other cats. On the other hand, there may be a slight mistrust towards dogs, which will pass over time. According to experts, the green-eyed "Asian" should not be the only pet in the house, because the presence of other animals in the room helps him to endure separation from the ownerless painfully.

#11 The Oriental Shorthairs inherited from their Thai ancestors a lively, sharp mind and excellent learning abilities.

In particular, it is easy to train a cat to carry objects, as well as to execute simple commands. As for the basics of etiquette, their pet will have to be vaccinated, because, despite a fairly high level of intelligence, Oriental Shorthairs are capable of minor mischief. For example, the little-eared ones love swinging on curtains and digging in flower pots. They do this not out of harm, but out of thoughtlessness, so it is very important to immediately point out to the kitten that such behavior is unacceptable.

#12 To punish, let alone beat an animal is the last thing.

The Oriental Shorthair can easily guess about his own mistakes, relying only on the intonation of your voice, so use this quality to its fullest. Sternly shout at the mustachioed bogeyman walking on the table and expressively hiss at the kitten climbing the curtains. You can be sure that your pet will intuitively understand what they want from him.

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