Breed Review: Oriental Shorthair (18 Pics)

#16 Caring for the claws of an Oriental Shorthair begins with the purchase of a scratching post.

But since the claw plate in representatives of this breed grows quite intensively, once a month they should arrange a "pedicure" session. Shorten the claw no more than 2 mm, otherwise, there is a risk of injury to the pet's skin. If the cat actively resists in the process, it is better to involve an assistant in the case and stretch the "pleasure" for several days.

#17 Oriental Shorthair people have one not very pleasant feature – they love to taste indoor flowers.

If a green-eyed kitten of this breed has appeared in your house, dieffenbachia, azaleas, and other plants poisonous for cats should be removed from his field of vision. The same applies to open windows. Falling out of them for a gutta-percha "Asian" is a matter of a few seconds.

#18 You will not be able to save on the purchase of industrial food with oriental: the digestive system of lop-eared “Thais” is simply not able to normally digest the products from your table.

So, in the case of food, the owner of an Oriental Shorthair has only two options: treat the pet with wet canned food or transfer it to "drying". By the way, cats themselves prefer the first option, while their owners are more focused on dry food, which is both cheaper and stored longer. If you want to please your own cat, but not at the expense of your own comfort, try alternating canned food and "drying". The only thing you shouldn't do is mix both types of food in the same feed.

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