Breed Review: Pekingese (19 Pics)

#4 The first Pekingese, brought to Great Britain in 1860, looked little like modern individuals and looked more like Japanese Chins, but over time, the exterior differences between the breeds began to appear more pronounced.

So, for example, over the years of selection and careful selection, the Pekingese has gained weight, and their legs have become significantly shorter. The main feature of the appearance of today's "lion dogs" is their compact physique. Even at a cursory examination of the animal, one gets the feeling that he was rammed with a miniature press from above and from the front. The muzzle of a Pekingese is a separate topic because there is a very little dog in it. It is rather a funny face of an unknown fabulous creature with bulging beady eyes and a half-open miniature mouth, from which a neat rough tongue falls out.

#5 Today the breed exists in two types: classic and so-called sleeve.

Sleeve Pekingese are inferior to their brothers in size, although they are not fully "bag" pets. The weight of such individuals largely depends on the country of breeding. For example, in the USA and Canada, all animals that have gained more than 3 kg are discarded. And this despite the fact that the weight of the representatives of this breed in their classic type reaches 5-5.5 kg. Sleeve Pekingese bitches are not knitted because of their physique, which does not allow them to fully bear offspring, therefore, surprisingly, miniature puppies are obtained from full-size breeders.

#6 The Pekingese is a proud fluffy nobleman who hates noise and fuss and genuinely loves a positive, serene environment and orderliness, which is why he is often recommended as a four-footed friend for older couples.

In a good mood, the dog is indulgent to caresses and tasty gifts falling at its feet, but it will not work just like that to "buy" this wayward Asian sly. The Pekingese are firmly convinced that the planet revolves exclusively around themselves, therefore they expect the appropriate attitude from the owner.

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