Breed Review: Pekingese (19 Pics)

#7 Trying to appeal to the dog’s conscience, to put pressure on it, to influence with a cry is useless.

Representatives of this breed hear only what they want to hear. Although, if we allow rudeness in relation to the Pekingese, a lion wakes up in them, defending his own interests to the victorious. And yet, the Pekingese is quite sociable guys, willingly sharing leisure with the owner according to their mood. At the same time, they are very independent and, as befits royalty, do not depend on human attention. Need to leave a descendant of Fu dogs for a couple of hours alone? No problems! The fluffy aristocrat does not get bored alone with himself and in your absence, he will willingly "comprehend Zen" on your sofa.

#8 From the very first days, they establish a close emotional contact with the owner of the Pekingese, which they maintain throughout their life (provided that you have the correct Pekingese, and not a hysterical ward of a commercial divorcee).

This helps the animals to sharply feel the changes in the owner's mood and to correctly dose the communication. If your furry suffers from excessive obsession and does not stick to the knees of the household, you can congratulate yourself - you have become the owner of a perfectly disguised mestizo. Pekingese can show excessive detachment and aristocratic coldness, but they are not characteristic of them.

#9 The Pekingese is not jealous and agrees to endure your long-standing love for cats, birds and other pets.

At the same time, he has a pronounced Napoleon complex, which prevents the animal from building normal relationships with other dogs. The lack of growth is compensated by the Pekingese's indomitable aggression towards their larger brethren, so do not expect that the Chinese charm will walk along the string, wagging his tail during a walk: provoke a wolfhound calmly walking in the distance into a fight for this snub-nosed "Asian" - a matter of honor.

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